A-Z English

Here you can find the tutorials I have made in English

I’m from The Netherlands so my English is not perfect but I try my best!


2 high double crochet / 2 high treble crochet


Celtic weave stitch 


Flower in V stitch 

Foundationrow 2 high double crochet  (  2 high treble crochet  )

Foundation row chevron stitch 

Foundation row with single crochet and double crochet ( double crochet and treble crochet )  

Foundation  row double crochet ( treble crochet ) 

Foundation row double crochet ( treble crochet ) how to clos to crochet in the round 



Join a ( long ) chain easy with a slipstitch 


Magic ring – how to make a magic ring ( easy) 




Tassel – how to make a tassel




The YouTubelist with all the tutorials in 1 time: